I have a full time employment at Logica, and this has two major implications:

  • I can't help you with anything that conflicts with what Logica does. Feel free to contact me anyway, and we can try to work something out through Logica.
  • My normal job comes first, so I have to do freelance work in my sparetime like in the evenings and in the weekends. This really limits the size of tasks I can take upon me. I am, however, one of the best BizTalk consultants in Denmark and I will be happy to help you if possible, which mmight be through a relevant Logica employee who will get back to you if you contact me.

I can help you with:

  • Analysis of your requirements.
  • Design of a BizTalk solution to fit your needs.
  • Development of BizTalk solutions.
  • Review of existing BizTalk solutions, analysis documents, and design documents.
  • Support
  • Fault localization, trouble shooting, error corrections, etc.

As well as BI on SQL Server, C# programming and SharePoint. Take a look at Skills and Certifications to learn more.

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